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COSMIC V92 release is just a few weeks away!

17 Jul 2020

We’re busy working hard despite lockdown and we are super proud of the team pulling this all together! The v92 release is just a few weeks away!

What can you expect in the new release?

NEW product release: The Cancer Mutation Census (CMC)

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We are just putting the final polishing touches on the exciting new product, The Cancer Mutation Census.

The CMC is an undertaking to classify coding mutations in COSMIC and identify variants driving different types of cancer. For more information regarding CMC please take a look at our CMC blog post for more information.

Updates to our website

We are also aligning the website with the downloads, by merging the SNP and noSNP databases as a response to user feedback. This is so that the download files replicate what is displayed on the website. The SNPs will still be identified in the download files as before. They will remain on the website, with the full mutation information displayed.

We have some further developments in this release with more details to follow.

If you have any suggestions for content or functionality that you would like to see in a coming release, please contact us at

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COSMIC, the Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer, is the most comprehensive resource for exploring the impact of somatic mutations in human cancer. Here on our news page we aim to give you an insight into what we are doing and why. We will keep you updated with new developments and release information as well as any events we are hosting.