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Switch between GRCh37 and GRCh38

7 Nov 2017

Good news, we will continue to support GRCh37! This is at the request of our users, many of whom still rely on using COSMIC with the GRCh37 reference genome. So, we have integrated GRCh37 into the main site, so it is now possible to switch between GRCh37 and GRCh38 from any page within the COSMIC website. 

GRCh38 is set as the default reference genome when you come to use the COSMIC website. Switching is done through a new top-level menu item, 'Genome Version'. Simply select which reference you require, or switch between them as you go. You can check which reference is being used either by the tick in the genome version menu or on the top right hand side. 


The download files remain exactly the same. So, for each of the files you can select if you want GRCh37 or GRCh38 as the reference genome. We are keen to hear your feedback about this new feature. Please send comments to