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V92 Release coming soon

13 May 2020

NEW product release: The Cancer Mutation Census

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CMC - The Cancer Mutation Census (CMC) project is an undertaking to classify coding mutations in COSMIC and identify variants driving different types of cancer. Metrics like ClinVar significance, dN/dS ratios, and variant frequencies in normal populations (gnomAD) have been integrated into this resource. They have been used alongside COSMIC data on mutations' prevalence across 1,500 forms of human cancer. This helps to predict candidates for driver mutations in the coding portion of the genome. Users will also be able to explore and visualise the data in a new website. Take a look at our CMC blog post for more information.

We really value your opinion and would like to share an early preview of the CMC beta website with you and any interested colleagues, in exchange for any feedback you may have to offer. If you would like to help shape the future of COSMIC please email us at

In addition to CMC we are continuing to add to our high-quality manual curation with 3 expertly curated genes, including the focus on spliceosomes consisting of 4 existing expertly curated genes. We are also adding two new gene drug pairs for the resistance data and updating the existing drug resistance data for another gene drug pair.

In response to user feedback, we are providing a completely new Hallmark download file. This is a manually curated resource which will continue to expand and build upon the high-quality Cancer Gene Census project that COSMIC is well known for.

We are also updating our fusion download files to include gene identifiers which makes it easier to map to the rest of the comprehensive data files in COSMIC. We are continuing our endeavour to make the COSMIC data more interoperable and will be providing an update on this soon.


COSMIC, the Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer, is the most comprehensive resource for exploring the impact of somatic mutations in human cancer. Here on our news page we aim to give you an insight into what we are doing and why. We will keep you updated with new developments and release information as well as any events we are hosting.