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Links with Europe PMC

6 Jun 2019

Europe PMC has added links to COSMIC enabling easier access to cancer mutation data. Europe PMC is a repository, providing access to worldwide life sciences articles, books, patents and clinical guidelines. With over 35.6 million abstracts and 5.4 million full articles they are one of the biggest scientific literature archives. They also provide links to relevant records in databases such as Uniprot, European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), Protein Data Bank Europe (PDBE), BioStudies and now COSMIC.

This means that when you are browsing the literature with Europe PMC and come across an interesting paper that describes cancer mutations, you can go directly to COSMIC to see what else is known about them. The link to COSMIC, as shown below is under the 'External Links' heading.


We have also incorporated Europe PMC links into the COSMIC website so that you can link out directly to an article that has been curated in COSMIC. This is done through the paper overview section. Here you can choose to either link to PubMed or Europe PMC.


Within the COSMIC website we also link to other databases such as Ensembl, Uniprot, HGNC, Atlas Genetic Oncology, Pfam, NCBI Entrez Gene and several other genome browsers. If there are other links that you think would be useful, please get in touch at