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9 Aug 2018

Be a part of our future

In the near future, we are redeveloping our website and would love to hear how you interact with it, finding out what works well and what doesn’t.

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We understand that everybody uses the website slightly differently and speaking to as many of you as we can, means that we can produce a well-rounded website. We often receive requests to tweak the website to make it work better however with the existing website, it is difficult to implement every change that is received. Being true to a scientific viewpoint, the more feedback we have, the better we can validate these ideas - we want to make sure the changes we make are suitable for everybody.

Putting your feedback into practice

An example of user feedback being implemented can be seen in our pending release, V86. There has been a search bar added into the left-hand filters on the gene page. This has been added so rather than needing to scroll to the top of the page to run a new search, the search bar is immediately available. A small, incremental change but we hope this is useful to everyone.

How to get involved

You may have noticed when revalidating your account, we asked if you’d like to receive emails about user research and this is why, we want you to have your say. If you opted against receiving user research emails but would like to participate and have your say, it is possible to amend your email preferences by logging in and opening your account settings, as below.

email preferences

Alternatively, please feel free to sign up here or email our User Experience (UX) Lead, Charlie on

There will also be a series of surveys that appear on the website, please feel free to fill them in. The more feedback we get, the better!

If you are already signed up, thank you, we’ll be in contact soon.