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3 Mar 2021

COSMIC: Describing millions of somatic mutations at high resolution across every form of cancer underpins precision oncology research

Register now for the COSMIC webinar on 25th March 2021.

In COSMIC, all available information about mutations and tumour samples (like disease type, demographic data and therapies) are collected, standardised and integrated to allow for flexible use. And its suite of tools let researchers and stakeholders explore and interpret the information in ways that suit their goals.

To complement the core database, COSMIC has a range of specialised component projects that each present a distinct dataset or view of the data, including a 3D interactive view of cancer mutations.

COSMIC is updated with new content and improved functionality three times a year. Our most recent release (v92) details over 71 million somatic mutation events across almost 1.5M tumour samples.

Essential to precision oncology research, for commercial COSMIC is fully available through QIAGEN or COSMIC, for academic research use.

Who should attend?

Cancer scientists and clinical developers (pharmaceutical, diagnostic, academic), bioinformatic scientists, developers & solution providers.

What to expect?

  • Introduction to COSMIC & its hand-curated content
    • Every gene has a pattern of somatic mutations in cancer, we describe over 700
    • pathogenic genes in functional detail in the Cancer Gene census
    • Phenotypic & genotypic annotations are described at high resolution, in accessible and integrable formats
    • We describe mutations which also drive resistance to precision medications
    • Mutations which drive cancer cover many genetic mechanisms, all described in COSMIC
  • What’s new? The Cancer Mutation Census details metrics for every mutation to measure its impact in disease
  • Coming soon: Mutation Actionability - which mutations are druggable (and how successful are they?)
  • How to download? - everything in easy-to use data sheets for private analysis and integration

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