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Cosmic Beta

Beta Site Updates

30 Jun 2017

Edited 3rd August, with the COSMIC v82 release the beta site is now the current site, so links have been updated to reflect this change.

Have you explored the new beta site yet? We have just pushed more updates! As part of the ongoing development of COSMIC we have been working to restyle the website to give it a modern feel and enable the incorporation of new analysis tools. The May release saw the launch of the new site which has been positively received whilst remaining under development.

We have just pushed the latest updates to the cancer browser, sample pages and several smaller pages, integrating them with the new style. These are the last of the major changes and allow users to utilise the all the main elements of the web interface with a consistent menu layout and formatting style. Searching using the cancer browser works  as previously, but the results are now broken down by sections which can be displayed in a custom order depending on the user's preference. The left panel always remains in view for easy navigation between sections, with the search parameters displayed underneath to show your current selection. Likewise the sample pages contain all the same data as the current site but have been re-organised to put everything in one page, rather than behind a series of tabs.

We would really appreciate your feedback over the next few weeks, as this will become the main site in August, with the current site moving to legacy status. Please send all comments to